The Thank You Strategy

Today’s over-scheduled, information overloaded, privacy-concerned prospects have raised the bar in the past few years. If you just want to have a chat with them about your product or service, they have no time for you and get quite annoyed. All the information that they need to know about your product or service is on some new-fangled technology called the “Internet” (thanks to Al Gore) – and they can read it on their own time without any pressure from the likes of a salesperson. They don’t need you for information.
If you want to do business with today’s buyers, they expect you to be an expert in their business – to have an in-depth understanding of their business, their industry or their profession – and bring them ideas, insights and information that will help them run their business better.
If you fail to personally add value, you’re simply not worth meeting with. Telling them about your product or service is not adding value to them. They may meet with you once, but that’s it, and they’ll be sure to share with their colleagues that you are a time waster.
In today’s climate, if you’re not continually learning, growing and bringing more to the buyer-seller relationship, you are replaceable … a commodity … an expense, not an asset. If you don’t want that to happen, start focusing on becoming the differentiator. Make yourself so invaluable that your prospects can’t live without you.
Along these lines, a brilliant strategy was shared with me this week by Anthony Duncan, The Mosquito Authority – (member of Platinum Referrals BNI), that he called his “Thank You” strategy. This simple, and powerful, strategy is that he is offering to the clients of those in his network a free one-time mosquito treatment as a Thank You that they can give their clients. A brilliant strategy on a few levels: 1) You truly get to say Thank You to your clients with a solution to a problem that just about all of us hate, mosquitoes; 2) A member of your personal network gets access to a broad database of potential customers without ‘selling’ to them, they simply get to experience his product/service; 3) You’re not just wanting to chat with your clients in a veiled attempt to sell them more stuff; and 4) It differentiates you from everyone else.
Give some thought to how you can implement this strategy in 2013. Chances are that you have hundreds of current clients who have many similar problems (not solved by your product/service) – and chances are that you have a vast network (especially if you are a member of BNI … shameless plug) of folks who could solve these problems. Put the two together and you’ve got a wonderful Thank You strategy that allows you to bring value to just about any relationship.

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