Networking Tip: Pay Attention at Parties

One great way for you to build your business by referrals during the holidays is to “pay attention at parties.” Chances are that you’ll be attending some parties, events, and certainly family gatherings over the next month or so, and I want to encourage you to keep your referral radar working. As you talk with people at your various events, constantly ask yourself, “Can I help this person with ___?” (insert a challenge, problem, or opportunity the person is facing)

 While these are not necessarily “networking events,” they are “referral opportunities” when you live the mindset of Givers Gain®. Then the fortune is in the follow-up … be sure to contact the person who you believe you can help through a referral or strategic introduction, and DO IT IMMEDIATELY. And one caveat, this is not the time to sell your products or services to the person, focus on selflessly helping the person and I guarantee they’ll look for a way to return the favor.

About Mark Deutsch

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