The Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time in a Strong Contact Group

Your seat in a strong contact group (such as a BNI Chapter) is worth a considerable amount of money, if you calculate the time you spend each week and the business value of your time. Don’t squander all that money.
Success in any strong contact group comes when the rest of the group members trust you enough to open up their best referrals to you. Until they’ve seen your work, you have to earn that trust by demonstrating your professionalism at all times.
Here are the top ten ways to prevent gaining their trust and to delay your success in a strong contact group:
#1. Show up late; “multitask” during meetings.
#2. Absence, no big deal; it doesn’t really make a difference.
#3. Why invite your own guests? Just focus on those who show up.
#4. Use others’ 60-Second introduction time to think of referrals to give.
#5. Focus your efforts on selling your services to the members.
#6. Don’t rush following up on a member referral. They know where you are.
#7. Use 1-to-1s to talk about the group.
#8. “Wing it” with your 60-second introduction; you’ve got plenty more chances anyway.
#9. Use your 10-Minute Presentation to explain minute details of how your business works.
#10. Go ahead and air your grievances among your tablemates and guests; after all, we’re all adults here.

About Mark Deutsch

Small Business Sales & Marketing Expert | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Trainer | Disruptive Idea Creator
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One Response to The Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time in a Strong Contact Group

  1. stfburg says:

    Thank you Mark.
    Today has been a day of great ideas…presented to us, by you…..LOVE IT!!

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