Create Shazam! Moments by Asking “What’s Your Resolution This Year?”

It’s a New Year and it presents a great opportunity to refocus, refresh, and refer. That is, a great opportunity to find some robust referrals for your referral partners by asking one simple question of everybody you know and meet in the next week …

So what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Asking this simple question of your clients, patients, friends, families, and those you meet will generate many opportunities to help solve problems or challenges (aka referrals). It will also start the process of creating a new habit for the New Year (if you’re not already doing so) that I call the “SHAZAM!” moment.

Remember that show in the 1970s (dating myself here a bit because I sure do) called Shazam!? When the main character, Billy, spoke the magic word “Shazam!,” he was struck by a magic lightning bolt and was transformed into the World’s Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel. There were no super-villains he would fight, Captain Marvel would just help people out of difficult situations of their own making (remember the problems & challenges?). When he needed help, Billy would speak directly to the elders that empowered him – who appear as animated characters: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury (remember your referral partners?).

Get into the habit of talking to someone and when they tell you about a problem, challenge, opportunity – or simply their New Year’s Resolution – SHAZAM!, think of your referral partners who can help with that. Isn’t that great feeling? AND isn’t it great that the person you’re talking with is appreciative? AND isn’t it great that you will establish yourself as a tremendous center of influence? It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Here are some ways to make that SHAZAM! moment happen more often.

Your clients & patients:

Whether in person or on the phone, once your business with them is concluded, you can say “You’ve mentioned your business challenges/problems/goals to me, what is the first hurdle you need to jump to get that resolved or move towards your goals?”

People you meet networking or at social events after you’ve spent a few minutes getting to know them:

“If I was a genie and could fix one problem you’re facing personally or in your career right now, what would that problem be?”

Family and Friends:

This is the easy one… “So, tell me what’s been going on with you?” Doesn’t this result in an outpouring of medical complaints, home improvement issues, financial concerns, job frustrations, etc.?

Asking the question, So what’s your New Year’s Resolution?, is a simple way that we can all create more referral opportunities … be truly interested in the people we come in contact with … and look like a hero.

Go out this week and ask this question to see just how many SHAZAM! moments you can experience.

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