Got an idea … get your domain … build a site with and HostGator

Every time I have a brilliant idea for a new product or service (which is at least once a day), one of the first things I do if I believe it is viable, is buy the associated domain (website) name. (affiliate link) is the best place to that – it’s where I buy all of my domains.

The next thing I do is if the idea has merit, is build a basic website to test the idea with a Minimum Viable Product – ala The Lean Startup (amazon affiliate link) – and I host my sites with HostGator (affiliate link) – they are by far the best combination that I have found of value, dependability, and ease of use.

The reason I’m specifically mentioning this today, is that & HostGator are running major promotions for Black Friday (only good til the end of today).

The deals are:  $5 .com domains – Check it out here: (affiliate link)

HostGator:  50% OFF on ALL hosting services for Unlimited Web Hosting … which means for me about $2.48/month to host a bunch of sites. – Check it out here:  (affiliate link)

Now those are some deals.  Check ’em out today.

Got an idea … get your domain … build a site … do it NOW!

PS – Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday.

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