Do You (and Your Employees) Have a Referral Mindset?

The foundation of building your business by referrals is the motivation you bring to the game – including the attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions you bring to your prospecting efforts. This is known as your “Referral Mindset.”

Here are the 5 key attitudes you must develop and use to create the most powerful action in gaining an unlimited supply of high-quality referrals:

#1 – “I meet my prospects the way they prefer to meet me.” 

How does your next great client want to meet you? Simple! Through an introduction or referral from a friend, family member, colleague, or other trusted advisor. Cold calling is purely a numbers game that aggravates most prospects. Once you realize that a client’s preferred way to meet you is through a referral, it MUST become your primary method of meeting them.

#2 – “I understand that building my business by referrals is the most cost-effective and time-efficient marketing strategy available.” 

What does it cost to buy leads? Run a direct mail campaign? Host a seminar? Lots! What does it cost to build your business by referrals? Virtually nothing. Tapping into your referral goldmine is clearly the most profitable way to go.

#3 – “I work to fully leverage the life-time value of my clients.” 

The longer the relationship lasts, the more trust you can build (if you provide quality, on-going service), the more high-quality referrals you will receive. The life-time value of a client is not just the business they can do with you over their lifetime, it’s who they can introduce you to as well. Quite often, the best referrals come later on in the relationship – as long as it’s not merely a transactional relationship. Handling transactions does not make you referable. Putting people through a process and following that with ongoing great service, does!

#4 –  “I give referrals as often as I can.” 

There is no better way to start the flow of referrals to you than by giving referrals as often as you can. If you don’t like to give referrals, you can never expect to set up a culture of clients and referral partners giving referrals to you. Practice the Givers Gain way of life!

#5 – “I expect to get referrals.” 

Don’t tell your prospects, clients, and referral partners that you expect them to give you referrals, but have an attitude of expectation. This is all about confident awareness. You’re confident in the work you do and then aware of the opportunity in front of you. Not everyone will give you referrals, but when you enter every relationship expecting to get referrals, you bring a confidence and awareness you wouldn’t otherwise have. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes. As your awareness expands, so do your opportunities for action.

If you’re like most of us, this list has pointed to a few areas in which you can strengthen your Referral Mindset. A strong Referral Mindset is necessary to create your referral-based business. Nurture these attitudes and turn them into powerful action.

About Mark Deutsch

Small Business Sales & Marketing Expert | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Trainer | Disruptive Idea Creator
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