Lessons From a Recession-Resistant Industry: Tattoo Parlors

What can we learn from a recession-resistant industry? How do you sell now to people who can’t afford to buy? These are great questions I get from friends & clients every day. And it just so happens that I read a great article yesterday on the topic in my Gold Letter from the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (which I highly recommend checking-out at http://dankennedy.com – this is not an affiliate link & this newsletter is well worth the $50/month).

The industry Dan discusses is the tattoo parlor – you know you have one (if you’re among the more than 45 million Americans that do – whether it’s a subtle “ATO” fraternity letters on your ankle like me or an eagle soaring across your back). Tattoos are no longer taboo or the rebel’s symbol, they are all over the place and even have their own reality show – Miami Ink.

Tattoo parlors have continued to thrive in this challenging economy & they thrived during the Great Depression – here are some clues on how they do it:

  • People want to be happy. If tattoos make them happy, they will find a way to pay for them.
  • It’s one of the oldest forms of self-expression that no economy has ever stopped.
  • People pay with unemployment checks, child support & grocery money…they make sacrifices to get what they want. (while I am absolutely not a fan of aiming business at people who can’t rub two nickels together & have no business buying, there are a few things we can learn from businesses that succeed in that market)
  • Many now pay by layaway (this made a big comeback in many industries in the last few years), depositing money with the tattoo parlor every week or month until they have enough banked there for the art they want.
  • Every tattoo has a story – and people know they’ll be asked to tell their story. (I got mine when I was in the Navy, serving in Panama, working with some Navy Seals)
  • Tattoos used to be about rebelling; now it’s about fitting in.

Read the bold items closely and think about it. Buying is all about emotion – tattoo parlors are pure emotion. Why do clients buy from you? Find out what makes them feel good, happy, or gives them a tingly feeling about working with you and you’re on your way to being recession-resistant.

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